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MAGEN educates communities about how to prevent and respond to abuse.

MAGEN works on behalf of victims at all stages of navigation of the legal system.

MAGEN provides a safe address for victims of abuse and their families where they can obtain the practical and compassionate help they deserve.


Magen is here for you

Hillel Abrahams
Chairman of the Board
Hillel Abrahams is the Founder and CEO of Hillel Real Estate & Investments. He chairs Magen’s board and is involved in overseeing the work and charting the course of the organization. In addition, Hillel is also a board member of Hatzala Bet Shemesh and deals with the administrative role, managing the day to day finances. He had started volunteering for Magen David Adom and Hatzala EMT over 11 years ago. Hillel lives in Bet Shemesh with his family.
Miriam Friedman, MSW
Executive Director
Miriam Friedman has a Master’s in Social Work from Yeshiva University and certification as a trauma therapist from the Israel Institute for the Treatment of Psychotrauma. She is among the founders of Magen, and is passionate about fighting sexual abuse in the Jewish community. She maintains a private therapy practice in Ramat Bet Shemesh, where she lives with her husband and four children.
Tova Lane, Psy.D
Clinical Director
Tova Lane has a doctorate in Psychology from Rutgers University and is trained in the forensic evaluation of child sexual abuse. She is devoted to helping survivors of sexual abuse heal and thrive. In addition to her work at Magen, Tova treats survivors of sexual abuse in her private practice in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.


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