Pesach Message from Magen’s Director

The Pesach Seder is kind of like national, collective trauma therapy. We relive some sensory elements of Mitzrayim as we eat the salt water, the bitter herbs, the charoset. We tell the story, weaving a horrific experience of slavery into something that makes sense and has meaning.

We tell our national story as we sit together, no one is isolated. We say it out loud. There is no shame.

One in five people experience sexual abuse by age eighteen. I implore you to do the math- how many people at your Seder are survivors of abuse, or are currently being abused?

Are we teaching our children that they can tell their stories, and speak their truths, out loud and without shame? Are we giving them the vocabulary, the knowledge, and the confidence they need to tell us if they are being hurt? How about adult survivors- are they safe to tell their stories without being isolated or stigmatized?

80% of children who experience abuse never tell anyone- there is no “seder” where they can tell their stories as part of a community. Magen is changing that.

At Magen, we are working tirelessly to prevent abuse through education and awareness, to support victims and their families, to protect children from alleged perpetrators in their communities.

Wishing you a Chag Sameach,
Miriam Friedman, MSW
Executive Director, Magen