New Primer for Rabbis about Sexual Abuse

Magen is proud to introduce a primer for Rabbis, in Hebrew and English, intended to share with them the current research-based understanding of sexual abuse.

This primer was inspired by Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach ztz”l, who had an ongoing relationship with Professor Zev Lev, who earned his PhD in physics at Columbia University.  Professor Lev describes that the he taught the fundamentals of electricity to Rav Auerbach and Rav Auerbach taught him Gemara and halacha.  The Rav’s extensive formulation of Halachic aspects of electricity was based on a solid understanding that he learned from an expert.

While this primer is NOT a substitute for a consultation with a professional, Rabbis should have the benefit of the tremendous amount of research-based knowledge that exists regarding sexual abuse when making decisions.  The information is divided into four sections: general information about child sexual abuse, information about perpetrators, information about victims, and recommendations.  It should be considered a brief summary of some salient points- to be used as a starting point when seeking professional guidance from a mental health professional and/or law enforcement.

Please feel free to print the primer or send this link to your Rabbi!  We would love to hear feedback about which Rabbis have received the primer.  Shana Tova!

For English Primer For Rabbis on Child Sexual Abuse

בעברית סיכום לרבנים בנושא התעללות מינית בילדים