Magen is excited for a fun and safe summer!  To that end, we have written guidelines that we are recommending summer camps follow in order to help prevent abuse.  If a camp decides to incorporate our guidelines into their staff training, they will become part of our list of recommended camps.  While of course we can’t take responsibility for what happens in a given camp, a camp that implements this protocol demonstrates that they are savvy about the risks of sexual abuse and serious about doing what they can to keep your kids safe while in their care! The guidelines include educating staff about typical behaviors and tactics of abusers, implementing a “whistle-blower” policy, and the following rules for staff:

-DO NOT be alone with a camper at any time, including car rides and bathroom visits.  Have two staff members present with a group of campers whenever possible.

-Physical contact should be limited to high fives and half (not full body) hugs.  DO NOT engage in physical contact that could be interpreted as sexual (a pat on the bottom) or aggressive (wrestling).  These guidelines should be enforced between campers as well.

-DO NOT ask a child to keep a secret.

-DO NOT show favoritism, or give special treatment to any camper.

-DO NOT joke with campers in a way that could make them feel embarrassed or singled out.

-DO NOT tell jokes that include sexual innuendo, racism, or that could be perceived as inappropriate.

You can download a pdf of the complete Camp Guidelines here in English Camp Guidelines or Hebrew הנחיות בטיחות לקייטנות.

If you are a Camp Director who would like more information about being included in our Recommended Camps List, please contact us using the form below: