Chug Bayit

Chug Bayit GeneralMagen’s Chug Bayit workshop is a crash course for parents on protecting their children from sexual abuse, and was developed in partnership with our Educational Consultant, Helise Pollack and is based on the principle that a healthy relationship with parents (or other caretakers) is the key to preventing, and minimizing the impact of, child sexual abuse.  This is one reason why we emphasize educating parents rather than the children themselves- so parents can learn how to build a connection with the child that will in itself be the best defense.  Another reason is that research indicates that prevention programs should encourage ADULTS to take responsibility for protecting children, rather than putting that responsibility on the CHILDREN.  It is certainly important to educate children directly about sexual abuse, because usually only the child and the perpetrator will know about the abuse.  An essential part of the Chug Bayit is guiding  parents on how to speak to their children about sexual abuse in a way that is age appropriate and not frightening.  We believe the best person to educate the child is the parent.  A parent who discusses sexual abuse directly with their child, instead of (or in addition to) relying on “experts” can gauge the reaction of the child, and establishes him or herself as an address for the child if future concerns arise.  The Chug Bayit also covers topics such as awareness of the risks, recognizing warning signs of perpetrators, understanding the “grooming process,” minimizing opportunities for abuse, and recognizing signs of anxiety in children.  After attending a Chug Bayit, parents come away savvy about the risks their children face, and empowered to keep their children safe.  


“Our parental instinct can lead to panic in the face of the dangers faced by our kids. This workshop gave me a sense of power and purpose with hands- on tools for awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse.” -Nati Veksler, Mevo Choron

“Magen’s chug bayit gave my husband and me some effective tools to help protect our kids. The thought of learning about sexual abuse is uncomfortable. The Magen staff breaks it down in a simple and calm fashion, so we as parents know how to address these issues with our kids appropriately. I am grateful for the awareness I have gained from this chug bayit.” -Ariel Miller, Jerusalem

“When I attended the magen chug bayit, I wondered what I could possibly learn that I didn’t already know. Surprisingly, I came home with lots of extra information. Magen’s presenters updated us on the latest research and common sense and clever tactics to protect our children from potential grooming. A heavy evening indeed but made comprehensible and attainable by kind experts in the field.” -Rifky Ozrech, Bet Shemesh

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