Chug Bayit in Tel Aviv

North Tel Aviv is about to become safer for kids, and less safe for pedophiles as parents experience our crash course on protecting their kids from sexual abuse.  Topics covered include recognizing red flags of a perpetrator, talking to your kids about abuse, and building a parent-child relationship that makes kids less vulnerable.  Join us[…]

Hispin (1)

Chug Bayit in the Golan Heights!

We were thrilled to make the communities in the Golan Heights safer for children.  The Chug Bayit was hosted in Hispin, and also included residents of nearby yishuvim and Katzrin.  We have a request to come to Katzrin, which we hope to do in December 2016.   The workshop was written up in the local Golan[…]



What camps are saying about our new Safety Guidelines: Dear Magen, Thank you! These guidelines are clear, concise, and easy to use –  well done! Tizku l’mitzvot!!!! Dovi Rabinowitz Director, All Star Israel Camp The following camps have decided to implement Magen’s Safety Guidelines for preventing sexual abuse!  This list will be updated daily as more camps[…]

A survivor speaks out about Meir Pogrow

Magen stands with Tamara Schoor, who has courageously chosen to name her abuser, Meir Pogrow. Magen has heard Ms. Schoor’s account, and is aware of other reports of immoral and abusive behavior committed by Pogrow. While we are not a court of law, it is our professional opinion that these reports appear credible. If you[…]

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Magen’s Director in Time’s of Israel’s “68 Extraordinary Women”

Miriam Friedman is a therapist, activist, and co-founder and Executive Director of Magen, a non-profit that deals with child sexual abuse. “We’ve inherited a reality where a perpetrator can depend on being supported and protected by his community, while victims suffer in shame and silence. Magen wants to overturn this completely- to make our communities[…]

Chug Bayit Ramot

Chug Bayit comes to Ramot, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Parents- this is the workshop you can’t afford to miss!  All parents (and future parents) are invited to this crash course on protecting your kids from sexual abuse. Join parents all around the country in learning everything you need to know about: grooming, recognizing warning signs of a perpetrator, talking to your kids about abuse[…]


Pesach Message from Magen’s Director

The Pesach Seder is kind of like national, collective trauma therapy. We relive some sensory elements of Mitzrayim as we eat the salt water, the bitter herbs, the charoset. We tell the story, weaving a horrific experience of slavery into something that makes sense and has meaning. We tell our national story as we sit[…]