Purim Thoughts from Magen’s Director

“IF YOU REMAIN SILENT at this time, relief and deliverance will arise from another place… And who knows if you have come to your position just for this moment?” (Book of Esther, 4:14). These words, spoken by Mordechai to Esther as he beseeches her to take action against imminent genocide, stand out for me this[…]


5 Things YOU Can do about Malka Leifer

(Malka Leifer fled from Australia to Israel when allegations surfaced that she was sexually abusing her 14-15 year old female students. The Australian police have requested her extradition, but she is apparently unable to attend any court hearings because of “psychotic attacks” she suffers before the hearings. Many of her victims are ready to take[…]


MAGEN Safety Card for Kids

Magen believes that a healthy relationship with parents (and other adults) is the key to preventing, and minimizing the impact of, child sexual abuse. We reject the model of “training” children to yell “no!”, run away, and tell a grown up- because this is not what most children actually do if they are abused. Even[…]


Trauma of betrayal: Sex abuse victims and Israel

Thoughts on trauma, betrayal, and the latest intifada, from Magen’s Director, Miriam Friedman Living through the terror wave of the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon. Conversations with friends, not to mention my Facebook feed, have been focused on two topics: the latest attack, and the latest outrageous headline. Read more: here

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What Happens to Sex Offenders Who Flee to Israel?

“To say there’s a crack in the system is an understatement.” -Shana Aaronson, Social Service Coordinator at עמותת מגן MAGEN   When Brooklyn police went to convicted sex offender Yona Weinberg’s apartment this past January to arrest him for an alleged assault on an 11-year-old boy in August 2014, the New York Daily News reported,[…]


Kol Koreh Addresses Child Abuse, Urges Reporting To Secular Authorities

An amazing step toward making our communities safe for children, instead of perpetrators. One-hundred-and-seven rabbanim and dayanim have contributed their signatures to a kol koreh (public pronouncement) affirming the halachic obligation of all Jews to immediately report and notify secular law enforcement when they know of an instance of child abuse. The kol koreh is[…]