Chug Bayit Ramot

Chug Bayit comes to Ramot, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Parents- this is the workshop you can’t afford to miss!  All parents (and future parents) are invited to this crash course on protecting your kids from sexual abuse. Join parents all around the country in learning everything you need to know about: grooming, recognizing warning signs of a perpetrator, talking to your kids about abuse[…]


Pesach Message from Magen’s Director

The Pesach Seder is kind of like national, collective trauma therapy. We relive some sensory elements of Mitzrayim as we eat the salt water, the bitter herbs, the charoset. We tell the story, weaving a horrific experience of slavery into something that makes sense and has meaning. We tell our national story as we sit[…]


Purim Thoughts from Magen’s Director

“IF YOU REMAIN SILENT at this time, relief and deliverance will arise from another place… And who knows if you have come to your position just for this moment?” (Book of Esther, 4:14). These words, spoken by Mordechai to Esther as he beseeches her to take action against imminent genocide, stand out for me this[…]


5 Things YOU Can do about Malka Leifer

(Malka Leifer fled from Australia to Israel when allegations surfaced that she was sexually abusing her 14-15 year old female students. The Australian police have requested her extradition, but she is apparently unable to attend any court hearings because of “psychotic attacks” she suffers before the hearings. Many of her victims are ready to take[…]